What is Vaping?

What is Vaping?

Ecig Vaping vs. Smoking

Lets start off by dispelling some myths about vaping and right off the bat tell you that vaping is NOT smoking. Smoking is the act of drawing in the smoke by-product of lit tobacco. Now the vaping action may be the same but the product that is inhaled is a whole lot different and we will discuss that later on in this article.
When you light a cigarette it releases, at the last count, about 4000 chemicals into the atmosphere of which 70 are known to be cancer causing agents and a bunch of poisons, which by themselves are not recommended for human consumption on the whole.

So what is vaping if vaping is not smoking?

At first all the vaping terminology can be confusing at first but is you bare with me I will explain it all as we go along. We will give you all the facts about vaping that will put you in a beter position of understanding.
The first message we I need to get across is that no smoke is not present in the vapour you inhale with vaping. Nothing is lit and there is no open flame. The base you inhale whilst vaping consists of three or four compounds:
• Propolyene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine
• Possibly water [H2O]
• Food grade flavourants
• Nicotene [If you wish]
The e-juice or specific mix of the above components is placed into the atomizer of the consumers vaping equipment and within the atomizer there are typically two wicks wrapped up in a coil. The wicks a responsible for moving the e-juice onto the coil. The coil is then heated by a battery and the e-juice is vapourised and it is this vapour that is inhaled by the user.
In the next section I am going to talk about the e-juice components.

Vaping and the Base Propolyene Glycol

Propolyene Glycol is a substance that has been scientifically proven to be fit for human consumption by the food and drug administration in the US and has been used for many decades already in food products for animals and in pharmaceutical products.
In any good argument you have the proponents and the opponents. The opponents in this case are calling the propolene glycol – antifreeze. From an objective point of view this is rather an emotional argument of the individuals trying to liken propolene glycol to the antifreeze you put in your car and as such try to elicit the emotive response by the consumer that their habits lie somewhere between drinking petrol and eating battery acid if they vape. I must just pull you attention back to the fact that Propolyene Glycol has been and continues to be approved by the FDA for human consumption, first and foremost and is secondly used in a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications. Is Propolyene Glycol used in antifreeze?, the answer here is that it is absolutely a component of antifreezes. Just as water is also component of antifreeze and yet humans cannot live without water. The reason this vaping base is used in antifreeze is because of its fantastic property that when added to water reduces its freezing temperature to way below zero. Does this mean shouldn’t consume it, the US FDA don’t think so. Here are a list of items that contain the base:
1. baking mixes
2. desserts in the bakery section of the grocery store
3. modified food starch
4. salad dressings
5. sauces
6. gel cap pills and vitamins

E-Juice and Vegetable Glycerine

Before we get started let me have one last stab at the emotive antifreeze argument. If Porpolyene Glycol is know as antifreeze then Vegetable Glycerine should be know as anti-boil due to the very high boiling point of this compound, it has a boiling point of around 290 degrees centigrade. Ok, I promise now I am done.
Vegetable Glycerine is also used in a number of pharmaceutical and food preparations preparations. I am not going to go into too much detail here. I think the point just needs to be mentioned. If you have a look around you will find Vegetable Glycerine in cookies, sometimes used as a sugar substitute and is particularly good in this instance as it has a sweet taste but does not feed the oral plaque forming bacteria in your mouth; so eating this will generally result in less cavities. In the pharameutical preparations Vegetable Glycerine is a component of some suppositories.
With respect to vaping, Vegetable Glycerine is colourless and odourless. It also passes up the atomizers wick and is vapourised by the coil and this vapour is inhaled by the consumer.

Vaping e-juice conclusion

There will be a lot more articles to come on the topic of vaping to come, so stay tuned. I really wanted to dispel any myths about the vaping and the e-juice compounds and really layout the differences between smoking and vaping as the difference are massive and need to be acknowledged.

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  1. Great post, especially the facts about antifreeze. I have done some of the research myself and there seems to be a of misunderstanding about vaping.

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