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Vape City Guide: Buying cheap vape pens

Buy Cheap Vape Pen: What to look out for

Intro: Cheap Vaporizer

Gone are the days where you were forced into buying an expensive product because the consumer had no alternative. Buying vaporizers these days is a reality, Vape City for one offers its customers real value for money in this department. Vape City as an online shop gets its customers the best value for money by only being available in the online space. If we had to invest in shopping center rentals things would be a lot different. If you are looking for cheap vape pens you really need to look no further.

Buy Twisp: The Twisp business model

A Twisp vape is relatively well priced on the surface, this is how they lure you in. Only once you have laid out the money for the Twisp pen do you then realise that the Twisp e-liquid is very expensive. This business model mimics the old printer / ink debacle consumers used to face. A while ago the printer manufacturers used to basically give away their printer hardware because it was a once off buy by the consumer an with out letting the consumer know, they used to charge a fortune for their printer ink which came in a proprietary container. The consumer became disgruntled and wised up to this fact and as a result the printer manufacturers had to adjust their model.

Vape City, The Vape King of value

Here at Vape City we offer our customers value so everything is reasonably priced, we are the vape king of value. We have friendly customer service and are here to help. So if you need to chat please feel free to contact us. In the mean time, you have come to the right place for vape value; have a look around our store there is something for everyone.